Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going West

After our morning in Cambridge, we headed west. I had long wanted to visit Lyme Regis, and the conjunction of being in the south for a workshop, and the house of then DSM's aunt being up for auction in Somerset concentrated our minds.

(I should at this point say that due to the nature of the next few days activity, there is no fibre action/wisdom of any sort.....sorry, an' all!)

Tuesday, it rained most of the day, but we were visitng the aunt, so that was ok, really. Did a little bit of trippering as well, including having a rather nice cream tea in Dorchester.

Anyway, the next day more than made up for the rain - totally glorious. Therefore, off we went to fulfil one of my lifetime's ambitions.

The Cobb

So.....was it here?

Steps 1

Or here?

Steps 2


Steps 3

Or, here?

Granny's teeth

Surely, not here? But in fact, quite a strong body of opinion thinks that may be the very spot. Actually, it can't have been any of the others per se, as they are all of a more recent date than the event in question.

Oh, what event? Louisa Musgrove's foolhardy jump down the steps on the Cobb that rendered her insensible and caused brave naval officers to rush off in all directions seeking help, of course. "Persuasion" is my favourite Austen, and possibly my favourite novel of all time, so we had to go on pilgrimage, of course we did!

We loved Lyme, and spent the entire day simply wandering around in the warm sunshine, having lunch, eating ice cream - and finding beach huts that looked like ice creams....

Ice cream beach huts


I think this is Lyme, too, but it may be Charmouth - I started getting a bit boggled by all the beautiful scenery.

Moving on to the next day - I know this is Chesil Beach from Portland Bill.....

Chesil Beach at Portland Bill

And these next are also Portland.

Portland rocks



Then we went off to nearer the other end, at Abbotsbury.

Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury

It was by now a beautiful evening after another beautiful day - I took this one directly in to the sun.


There was also some very fine lichen - a small branch had fallen off, so that came home with me, but I did not touch the rest. Honest.


There is more to come, but I am in dire need of a cup of tea, and this is getting cumbersome! In any case, the subject, being very dear to my heart, deserves a post all of its own.

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Caroline M said...

Your Lyme/Charmouth photo is indeed Charmouth looking towards Golden Cap (where I spent a week on holiday this summer)

I refused to go up or down those scary steps on the Cobb. I looked at them and that was enough for me.