Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going South

Friday last we headed south, first to teach a spindle spinning workshop and then to visit friends in Cambridge.

We were wonderfully looked after by a member of the host Guild. Because we haven't taught all that many workshops as yet that are more than a day away, we have not much experience of this, but yet again we had a lovely time. Of course, visiting a fellow fibreholic's house must always be interesting, no? So many things to look at, should the conversation flag - which it never does!

We thought the workshop went very well - and I think they did, too. We got a huge amount done - one of the many advantqges of having two tutors! - and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A lovely day.



Afterwards, we drove back up to Cambridge, to spend the rest of the weekend with our friends who live there. We were given the great gift of a beautiful warm sunny day, so we loafed around in the garden a bit and then we went off to a smashing riverside country pub. I don't think that there are many better ways to spend a Sunday!

I had noticed that the Cambridge Guild Exhibition was on while we were there, so we decided not to rush off to Dorset, but to walk in to Cambridge and have a look. Very nice exhibition, but because of the location - (in a cafe that was formerly, I think, a church) - some of the items were hard to see well, and even harder to photograph. So, I won't put many photos here, as they are not all that good, and most would be better cropped anyway. Plus, I can't give attribution - I couldn't read all the labels!

To me, the subject of this one was instantly apparent.

Northern Lights

And the DSM homed in on this one.

Peruvian braids

After that, we went in search of coffee, doing a little gentle grocklintg the while. I never tire of wandering around Cambridge, although it gets harder and harder to remember our young selves and what we got up to at any particular point!

Senate House

King's Chapel

Sidney gate

It has taken me - obviously! - days to get this blog post done. Lyme Regis will have to wait. Why are holidays always so hectic? Or is tht just us?

All I shall say for now is that this is a fabulous part of the world, and I am glad to have finally got here. More....... later.

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