Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something of a relief

I had my appointment with the consultant about my eye yesterday morning. I had not been looking forward to it - imagination working overtime and all that.

I got myself all psyched up, insisted on an early start because the traffic was likely to be bad, all the usual.

No traffic - there way too early, but at least I had the first slot of the day, so the wait wasn't too bad. Nice nurse does a quick eye check "What can you read off the chart if I cover up the good eye? Er - chart??" (Not quite, but near enough.)

In to see the great man, who slides me quick smart into the torture machine, ie the gizmo you rest your chin and forehead on so that they can stare intently into your eye with an insanely bright light.

Va va voom. Gabble gabble. Scribble scribble. Yes, it is what we all thought (phew!) And it was at this point I was expecting the "but....."

And none came. First available appointment for da lady with da laser. I asked my questions - and to my great relief, my biggest concern turned out to be a nothing at all. Apparently, a vitreous detachment is a one time only deal, once it has happened, it has happened, and cannot happen again. Well, hot damn.

But yes, there will be floaters. He has put me down for a "gentle" lasering. I am - I think - somewhat reassured. The best news of all was that I could have it done on Friday morning!! Yes, the next one. So, not long to wait before all will be revealed all over again. Just going to keep my fingers slightly crossed just in case there are any nasty surprises like last time......

So, I came home and duly rewarded myself by playing with fibre. I had done a demo of creating a multi-coloured roving a la Deb Menz at AH last time, which I had started spindle spinning and very much liked the look of. So, having more of the same fibres - red, mid and pale pink, apple green and tussah silk - I made some more.

A loaded hackle.

Dizzing off.

Resulting fluff. (I will eventually post photos of the yarn.)

These pics are to my eyes showing rather redder than actual. The darkest colour is more like a strong raspberry, but is pretty dominant in the yarn. Quite nice, anyway.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and we have a Grand Day Out planned, a boat on the canal from Skipton for the entire day. We have to leave early, so we shall have picnics for both breakfast and lunch and then find a pub - or possibly fish and chips - for supper. We both of us love narrow boating, and haven't been able to fit in a holiday on one for ages, so this is going to be a real treat. The weather forecast isn't too bad, the food is planned, the books, binoculars, spindles and knitting organised.

How long did I say we were going for?


Twelfthknit said...

Glad to hear it was good news. I am short-sighted and have a lot of floaters, so I am quite high-risk for a detachment. GLad to hear it will be ok. Re the floaters- sometimes I must look like I'm off my head- I'll think there is a fly buzzing near me and will have a reflex reaction.....to nothing, it's only a floater....how to look silly without trying!

Freyalyn said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow. And I'm so glad about your eye - good luck for Friday again. Many Happy Returns.

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Carol,
Good news ! Hope all goes well tomorrow.
Hope you had an enjoyable birthday and had a grand day out !