Saturday, August 14, 2010


Probably, for a while, done in - but today is a new day, and I am recovering, so....

I was right. It was not fun. For starters, the clinic I attended on Monday had booked me in at a time when the doctor had a difficult timed procedure on the go, so I had to wait around a lot. She was really nice about it, and made the sensible decision that it was better for her to finish that job and then attend to me. No-one's fault but the computer's, apparently.

She was also very nice about my apprehension, explained things very well, got a nurse in to hold me down (only a slight exaggeration....) and then when the damn process took longer than any of us had expected, kept apologising and giving me updates. Oh, and I swear, extra anaesthetic in the eye.

A thing a bit like a mini jeweller's loupe gets popped on to the eye - hence the anaesthetic - and the laser is targetted through this. Talk about getting ducks in a row - line it up: bambambam. Resight: more bamming. On and on and on. I felt like a bizarre sort of fairground sideshow. The giant head firing range.

It didn't hurt one bit, except that I had to sit braced in the frame for ages in a most uncomfortable position, and body parts kept cramping or otherwise complaining. The only really disconcerting thing was when she had finished and I could sit back and have the lense taken out - and I temporarily couldn't see. Vision came back quite quickly, though albeit rather blurry.

But - it is all over. (Nearly - I have to go back for a pressure check as mine is high borderline, but I think she is being super-careful.) I will now stop whinging...

The doc - most interesting. Very cool and professional. But wearing the coolest (in the other sense) outfit I have ever seen a doctor wear. Bright red fitted top, with ruching detail. Black subtly "puffball" or "parachute" style skirt, bang on knee length. Black tights with a red seam (She kicked up her leg and showed me when I told her I loved the skirt!) And high but not spindly heeled shoes. Very stylish and elegant. I think quite a few statements were being made there!

And there is other news. When I got home, the postman had been and Yarnmaker had arrived. So often people have said that they yearned for a UK-based spinning magazine, it took the courage and vision of Dot Lumb to actually do it. The first edition is great, and I am sure that it will be a success.

I think on both counts I need to say "Oh, brave new world....."

(OK, I'll slink off now.)


Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Carol,
What good news and what a load off your mind! The very thought of ophthalmic work is enough to strike fear in the stoutest of hearts ! It's great that all went well and also was painless. Hope you have recovered and are feeling well !
Have also received Yarnmaker. Very impressive.

Cecilia said...

Loved your article in YarnMaker. Two days before I read it, I'd been spindling in a ruined hut in a neolithic hill fort in Wales, thinking about whoever may have spindled there before me, so it seemed delightfully apt. I'm so glad the eye treatment is done with & hope you're making a good recovery.