Sunday, May 30, 2010

The weather in this country...

....does my head in. As may have been noticed. We go from heatwave to practically frost in a matter of hours. Ah, well, at least today the sun is shining, unlike yesterday when it rained a lot and was foggy.

Which was something of a pity as it was the Mater's birthday, and we went over to York with a picnic for her. She won't go out any more, although she could and we do offer. But she very much enjoys a dainty luncheon of prawn cocktail, smoked salmon, a few deli salads and a nice bottle of something. Prosecco, in this instance, bubbles for the celebration.

The DSM had returned safely from Cornwall after a few very nice outings with his mama, who does like to see something of the outside world when there is someone to take her. In fact, much to his delight, she asked to join him on his obligatory trip to our favourite beach as well as having a pub lunch.

I did survive my experience with the tinies (and yes, it was a typo, and there were indeed only 30 of them!) Praise be....the noise. But they were terribly sweet, and somewhat to my amazement because of their age and total inability to listen, they did actually manage to make some little pieces of felt, and they did very much enjoy themselves.

What I had forgotten was that little people need little furniture, so I spent half the morning on my knees so I could use a table to demonstrate, the other half bending low, low, low over them and their tables to help the felting along. I came home, took two ibuprofen and went to bed for an hour! (Fine after that.)

I have nearly finished "Citron". I'm in the process of adding two rows of double crochet to the bottom, frilled (allegedly) edge, as it seemed a little tight, and it was rolling. I'm hoping that will fix it sufficiently - I really can't face frogging a row of the length I have, in a pretty fine yarn, so I think it will have to do. Until I have it completed, washed and blocked, I am reserving judgment, but I think my choice of yarn was not the best. We shall see.

Last week, when we had summer, some of the household decided that they definitely approved of hot sunshine....

Others took the opportunity to get an early bite in at this year's catmint....

Senior citizens reckoned that sitting quietly in the cool was a much better idea.....

I photographed the latest socks off the needles.

I'm off to bake scones now - we bought strawberries on Friday, had to get clotted cream to go with them, and, oh dear, have some left. The rare treat of a cream tea looms!


Dorothy said...

Hi Carol, much confess I'm greatly relieved the weather is cooler this weekend! I wasn't ready for the heatwave.

Lovely cat photos. Congratulations on surviving the experience of teaching little people the fun of felting!

beadlizard said...

Good work with the small people. If you see any of them in town now they'll jump up and down and point and possibly run over and hug your legs. One of the girls I taught to knit when she was tiny went pro by her early teens and is creating real beauty. It's well worth it!

Love the cat and sock photos.

We had the heat on a week ago and will probably crank the A/C today. Crazy weather. World of pollen. Ack.