Friday, May 14, 2010

Interesting times?

Oh, yeah. Working around a stupid internet connection, for one. I'm learning....

Politics. Wow. The overwhelming desire for power demonstrated. Having said that - way too soon to tell what it is going to be like, and I can hope for some moderation of the wilder excesses of the Right to be reined in somewhat. There are some signs....maybe. Definitely interesting.

I've been busy, and therefore neglecting the blog again. Here's some catch up.

Theatre! For the first time in ages! And yes, this is an indication that the DSM is getting much, much better. Saturday, we went in to Manchester to see "Comedy of Errors", a brilliant choice in the circumstances as it is short, and funny. The women were less than stellar, but the four main men were excellent, and the play doesn't work without that, so thank goodness. Plus, we have now booked for "Pygmalion" - are we getting back on track? I think so.

Sunday, Bear Knitters, and a lovely three hours knitting, chat and good food. My sister came over again, which was great.

Tuesday, off to York to have a brief visit with my mother - it is her birthday at the end of the month, when we shall all go, but it seemed a bit mean not to go before then. She wasn't expecting us, so was surprised and pleased. We stopped in town to pick up something the DSM had ordered,and to have lunch at Bettys, and then went on to Leeds to deliver DBIL's birthday present.

Magrat came over to lunch on Wednesday, as we have more AH weekend details to go through, letters to send out &etc. All going well, one workshop is full, the other very nearly so. Should be fun.

And speaking of AH, there are interesting developments there, too. After the last enormous class, I came to a decision that I should have reached ages ago, which is to reduce the number of participants that I am prepared to take on the present basis. It hasn't been fair to anyone, up to and including me! This decision is going to cause short term problems - already is - but I am hoping that new arrangements can be made. Can't say what, more thought and discussion is needed. Watch this space.

But, also on the subject of AH - a chance remark by Sara about Spindle Camp got me pondering. Rather than a camp - how about a Country House I asked, and it was agreed. Next March (assuming we get the numbers) the DSM and I are leading an entire weekend all about spindles. Pretty cool!

It will be a good rehearsal for Summer School in Edinburgh, although we have done spindle spinning at that before, so know it works. All very exciting, anyway.

There's more - I have been enormously brave and booked myself in to two classes at Knit Nation, and accommodation at Imperial College. I'm such a country mouse these days, that London will seem very odd - and all on my own (apart from several hundred other knitters, of course) too. Plus - end of July???? Heat and humidity? But I really wanted to do this, and I Will Survive......

Which is more than the local rodents are at the moment (neat segue, eh?). Young Rubes is in full-on hunting mode, and there is a constant stream of, at the moment, field mice. She had one in her tunnel this lunch time for a jolly play, and then later, aftr the DSM had gone out, I heard her chatting with another in her litter tray (fave stashing place). The sweetest tiny baby, with big - comparatively - eyes. I put it outside, and kept Madam in - don't know if it will survive. (eta: it did.)

And is there spinning and knitting going on? Not so much of the former, but quite a lot of the latter. I have a serious bout of startitis, and have a pair of socks, the spiral throw and a "Citron" from Knitty on the needles, and am about to start a wrap from the Norah Gaughan something Nature book. Photographs of these will follow in due course, but to put something pretty here as a tide-over, here are a couple to be going on with:

Although the sock in the foreground, and the yarn in the background belong to the DSM (and very nice, too), the blue cowl to the left is mine, finished when on holiday. I'm now trying to design a pair of mittens in a similar style to go with it, as there is plenty of yarn left.

And this is my completed waistcoat - a very difficult garment to photograph as it is huuuge...and droopy - and I am not totally convinced that I like it, but will wait awhile before passing final judgement as I tend not to like things when first completed and then kind of grow in to them. Its funny shape might become more appealing as others have done.

If anyone is still awake - there is more going on, but I've run out of steam, and some of it is still slightly under wraps. I have a - for want of a better word - cold, although it isn't quite like a normal one. It comes and goes, and at the moment is coming.

Time for a cup of tea!

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