Sunday, April 04, 2010


And just where did the last week go? I seem to have been doing stuff with nothing to show for it, much, and the time has just whizzed by.

OK, nothing to show for the trip to the hairdresser, because although the cut was nice as usual, the dye job failed. I tried to be too subtle, actually, and the purple wasn't vibrant enough to show up against the darker grey. My most excellent hairdresser didn't charge me, and I am going back in a week or two for more drastic action..........

And nothing to show from Thursday's little trip to the van in the car park for a mammogram, and hopefully, there flippin' well won't be. I am one of the lucky ones, I don't find this the agonising process that some do, but it is none the less a weird process, and there is always that lurking anxiety until the letter comes. That may be my last one - I'm not sure where the age limit falls now.

Then yesterday, we went to York to see the mater. Slightly bizarre conversation at one point, when she was telling me about a newish resident who had seemingly pushed her going in to the lift, and then made rude remarks about her complaining about her gammy leg - the mater's, I mean. (Totally undutiful daughter had some sympathy for that part of the tale, shame on me....) But the proposed course of action if the incident was repeated left me slightly reeling: "If she does it again, I shall ram into her with my walker" indeed! Said walker is a wheeled Rolls Royce of a thing, with solid handlebars, a seat and a built in bit for carrying bags and shopping. It would inflict a fair bit of damage if used as a weapon! I tried to suggest tactfully that rising above it, and making a quiet complaint to the management would be much better options, but knowing my mama, I can quite see a vendetta starting up!

We went in to the city for a bit of lunch and shopping, the former being successful, the latter not so. One of my favourite shops was in the process of closing down; another had nothing of any interest. I think maybe I am not the only person to be increasingly shopping over the internet. Anyway, we came home unaccountably tired, so today is a nice rest day, in fact as the weather is patchy, we are about to take the time to watch one of the films we have stacked up and do a little gentle knitting.

Speaking of which, I have nearly finished the mohair waistcoat. The shoulders are too wide, and to alter that would mean ripping the entire thing out and starting again, which I really cannot face. But it occurred to me that I could gather them in to sort of epaulettes that matched the edging, so that will be the project for this afternoon.

Plus a bit more work on the spinning on the Goldings, so there might even be a report on that soon. It has reached the point with both spindles where it is not so enjoyable; but there isn't all that much fibre left to spin, so I would like to get it all on to the pair, for no particularly good reason.

There have been one or two good and interesting things come up that I don't particularly want to comment on just yet, but, more good stuff for me to get my teeth into. Not least, I found a new (to me anyway) craft venue in town on Thursday, that has a good workshop space, and is looking to expand their range of courses, so I have my thinking cap on about that. They are certainly interested in a spindle spinning class, but I am maybe looking at a proper, extended wheel spinning course, over a number of weeks - that would be way cool!


beadlizard said...

Advise your mum to be very careful of her center of gravity if she does choose to ram the interloper. Don't want to fall in the process! With luck she'll still be trying to figure out how to ram safely and will lose the moment and have to wait for later (and perhaps forget?!).

Waistcoat. I've been known to turn the excess shoulder in and stitch it down as a facing. Doesn't always work, but it's an idea.

Teaching. Good luck spreading the word! Any student who gets you as a teacher is blessed.

My best to DSM. Annie and I are going to see Joy later this week and I will, as always, think you two there at the cafe table...

me said...

bablusome mums never change
can' wait for a picture of the wastcoat
spent the week mega cooking 3 meals a day as kati amy gehl and i were here and we have a revolving door at the present time
you could fill a year with fantastic workshops and you are a patient kind and extraordinary teacher - go for it
cheers and Happy Bunny Day to both of you