Friday, April 16, 2010

Damn cats, damn computers........

I made the great mistake of thinking that staying with the same internet provider and getting them to also to be our telecoms provider would be simple. As an existing customer for broadband, no need to do anything about that, just do the paperwork to switch bills for phone calls. No?


Although they didn't tell us this would happen, the broadband (although not the phone, work that one out....) was switched off for over 24 hours. And to add insult to injury, although we were getting broadband to the pc upstairs, we then couldn't. So at the moment, I am restricted to the laptop, which is fine except that I have quite a few documents that I am needing at the moment on the desk top that I can only transfer over via a memory stick, and frankly, just at the moment, I cannot be arsed.

I will have to do it soon as we need to take the tower in to have a wireless doohicky fitted and have a general MOT at the same time, much needed.

Can I have one, too?

Do you realise, I survived all tht time without internet access??? I am amazed that I have any fingernails left. Or hair. Or sanity. I must be stronger than I realise......

And no photographs either, even though I have some to show, as again I can't be go through all the hoops to get them on to the laptop. Oh, and although not a computer woe, it falls in to the same category - the ghost in the machine aka my digital camera is back, so it looks as if I am going to have to replace it after all. I don't want to find myself on a photogenic beach in Northumberland in a few days and have the damn thing poltegeisting all over the place.

So, what have the cats been doing? Well, that Barni monster, he of the snicker-snack jaws (although I think it should really be a vorple blade....) has chomped through the cable on my iPod and bitten off both the ear buds. Swine - it was a somewhat more expensive and much nicer set. Fortunately, I had a spare, but that little b is costing me a fortune in earphones.

Meanwhile his sister is adding to her hunting tally. I was galloping to answer the phone the other evening as she came through the cat flap squeaking. Well, the vole held softly in her jaws was squeaking. There followed an unseemly chase between cat, vole and DSM which ended with the vole going to ground under the kitchen units. At least, for a while. It reappeared scuttling around the sitting room later whilst we were watcing tv, and proved much more entertaining than whatever we had been watching - at least, for me, as spotter. Only, I didn't - spot, I mean - and the wretched thing disappeared again.

So, the next day, we left the door to the outside open all day, interior doors, too. And since then, no sign of any vole, so maybe, just maybe, it made good its escape?

All the usual fibre pursuits ae being pursued. A spinning project finished, photos later, maybe. I'm being tempted by the cowl in the latest Spin Off for the spindle spun bluey-green - about to go sample.

The sun is shining, it is a beautiful spring day, and life, despite a few little blips, is really not too bad.

Oh dear, I really should refer to him like that, should I?

Aarrgh - the Blogger spell check is sulking again - I've done an eyeball, but apologies for any typos!


Freyalyn said...

Where are you going to have the wireless doohickey fitted? I can't imagine that you have a suitable aperture.... (Oh, your mean the MOT. Yes, that makes more sense.)

Fluzz said...

I'm just imagining the poor DSM running around after a vole! Sorry, got me giggling here.

I'd like a MOT too please. We do our own PC and laptop MOTs.