Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's been a far from quiet week in the valley.......

Tuesday was the Extended Coven Christmas get-together (Monday was preparing for it!). Which was lovely. Super people, super little pressies, super food. Makes one wish it could be Christmas every day.....

Tuesday evening (bad timing!) was Valley Fibres. Not so very many turned up, but it was nice all the same. Too close to Christmas, and I seem to recall it was raining and not at all an appealing evening to go out.

Friday was AH, and a room full of spinners, including one wannabe, who struggled personfully and did pretty well. She seemed a natural at first, but I think lost confidence - I moved her on to the wheel too soon, and she had actually been pretty happy on a spindle. But I sent her off with fibre having told her how to make a cd spindle, and I think she will keep trying. She spun some very creditable yarn, that's for sure.

But Friday morning, I awoke to this:



I had to brush a couple of inches of powdery stuff from my car, but the trusty Jimny in 4x4 mode got me out to the main road - and then along the lane to the college at the other end, which was lethal!

There were some further flurries on Friday night, and yesterday. We were at Guild for the Christmas meeting, which always includes a Secret Santa gift exchange, and golly, did I get lucky! Four beautiful heavy cotton table napkins, indigo resist dyed, from India (which means I knew who had put them in!) that are exactly what I would have chosen for myself if buying them. I was so chuffed. Anyway, a quiet and not heavily attended meeting, no doubt because of the proximity of it to Christmas Day, and the decidedly inclement weather. I nearly froze to death in the meeting room, and was definitely not sorry to leave early. Also meant we could knock off a few errands, including buying our joint Christmas present to one another.

Yes, folks, the time has finally come - neither of us can deny any longer that we cannot read subtitles on a tiny television screen. So we now have a flat screen 26" beast that seems huge to us, but I gather other people are now getting 40" monsters, so we are still being fairly restrained. Er - I like it. Actually. Must be getting old......

And today, a few chores - and watching the snow fall. Showers, rather than continuous, but we must have had another couple of centimetres, and if it keeps up, we could be faced with a few logistical problems later in the week. Unless the weather reverts to normal mode - but they keep telling us it is going to remain cold, so the snow will stay in the lane at least. Still, hey, I like snow! We will manage whatever is thrown our way.

I made a little purchase on Friday - a gorgeous Ryland sheepskin, which may seem illogical with me a non-meat-eater, but given that I wear leather shoes, and also know the (organic) producer - well, tough. But it wasn't really for me.

And if I can persuade them not to destroy it in a week, because quite a lot of wrestling has been going on already, I think the Snowshoes will enjoy it.....

Barni on the new rug

One of them appears to be doing so already.


beadlizard said...

We have sheepskins for *us* -- had a lambskin to line DD's little carrier when she was a newborn. Kept her toasty warm even in Montana's winter.

If it really bothers you, I'm certain you can elect to buy only a pelt from an animal that had to be put down for humane reasons. Especially because I've been a farmer I'd rather not eat anything sentient, but I do strongly believe in not wasting anything and am a huge advocate of curing pelts and hides.

How do you know when to move a student from spindle to wheel?

Dorothy said...

Lucky lucky snowshoes, sounds just the thing for cold winter days. My stray cat that sleeps in the greenhouse could use a sheepskin, however, she seems to be coping with wool stuffed cushions in her basket and extra meals.