Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm back!


I might have got an eye open, but keeping it so was another matter entirely. I've been napping frequently, and turning in to a pumpkin by nine o'clock and going to sleep - no reading in bed, two minutes of ipod, crash.

I did manage to crawl out to a book group meeting on Tuesday because I felt I really had to make the effort, plus I desperately needed to talk to another human being. I chickened out of Coven on Thursday, couldn't face the thought of driving back in the rain and dark in a state of zombiedom.

But then finally comes Saturday, Guild and supper with DS/BIL after, and I survived! I was totally knackered by the time we got home, despite dozing all the way back from Leeds. But had a really nice day, it was so good to see friends and family again after two weeks plus of virtual incarceration. Today, I am feeling a little dopey (not one word....) but human. What a relief - it looks like the worst is over. (Just as well, we are teaching next Saturday.)

I have been mainly knitting, nothing too taxing. I even put "Birch" to one side in favour of a very plain vanilla project that I have been eyeing up for ages. A shrug cum vest, in K1P1 rib and a rather nice mock rib (K1P1 one row, with P1Sl1 on the return - very attractive, firm fabric.)

I have been attempting to finish off the whitefaced woodland, to free up the wheel for some of the SOAR market goodies, and then decided that I would use some of it for spindle spun samples - so at Guild yesterday I filled a new Forrester spindle, which was pretty satisfying. I haven't taken any photos of any of this, and will get around to it soon, but I really did think that it was high time I blogged again.

The other thing that has been exercising my mind is Cockermouth. This is just one of many websites - if you visit this one, scroll down to the photograph of the Market Place. Centre frame is a shop called "Banks", and just to the right of it, as you look at the image, is the shop that used to be the Sewing Shop that I ran with a friend. And as for Banks - an ironmongers, been there for many decades, and inside a rabbit warren of retail history that is going to be a major loss.

What is good to hear is all the Woolfest people being so supportive - we too will be back, although possibly not in the same place as I know it has been flooded out. But it is all we can do.

And so - it looks like I am nearly back to normal (which will mean housework and ironing, sadly - the place looks like a slum. The DSM has been fantastic whilst I have been hors de combat, shopping and cooking, keeping himself in shorts - but there is A Backlog. Time indeed to rejoin the human race.

And I'm getting my fibre mojo back somewhat, too, and some of the stuff that could be done at the computer is done, or in hand. I need to go stash diving for the Yorkshire fleece/rovings, which have unaccountably moved from where I put them safely before we went on holiday, and then I can combine the work on those with work that needs to be done on spindling.

And that sounds like fun to me, so I must be recovering!

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Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Carol,
Glad to hear you are surfacing ! You seem to have had a tough time. Hope you will soon be fighting fit again !