Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The story so far..........

A foggy day.......

Well, look where we are! And it's foggy, too.

Actually, not any longer, we have been travelling up country for a few days already and are now in Oregon. Of which more later.

There have been a few minor alarums and excursions along the way. The flight was ok-ish, but not unmixed - a two hour delay because the incoming flight was delayed by bad weather was not good news, and meant that we arrived in SF very late and very tired. We cancelled our dinner reservation and got a take out pizza (which was delicious) but fortunately were able to remake the aforementioned and enjoy a meal at the vegan restaurant that we had liked so much before.

SF was grey, but pleasantly warm, and we tootled around in a sightseeing bus very happily. Until, trying to return to our hotel, we found ourselves in the middle of an enormous police operation and crowds of kettled demonstrators and a positive throng of media vans and reporters. Turned out that the President was in town for a fundraiser at a very spiffy hotel two blocks down from ours,. We would have loved to have hung around to see the great man and waved our greetings, but didn't know when he was actually expected (despite the DSM practically climbing inside one of the media vans in an attempt to find out....) so we went back to our own hotel and crashed instead.


Next day we set off north, over the Golden Gate bridge again.

And on a clear day......

We easily managed as we had hoped to get to Point Reyes Station for a lovely lunch stop, and then to Point Arena overnight.

Oops. The website of the motel had most definitely been economical with the truth, but we had no alternative but to bite the bullet. Best we can say is - we survived!

Next day made up for it with a magnificent breakfast in Mendocino and a lengthy stop at the Mendocino Yarn Shop, a true delight. Pennie has yarn!! And needles, and a pattern!! And has cast on a swatch already!!! And that is all I am going to say thus far........

That afternoon we stopped at Founders Grove to pay homage to the redwoods.

Redwood still spiral

Fallen redwood

We hightailed it for the relative safety of a Motel 6 for that night, which worked out ok, if nothing itself. Unfortunately, the adjacent electricity substation (?) decided to blow up or short out twice during the night, with attendant loud noises and glaring green flashes. Such fun for the kiddies!

I realise sitting here that I am feeling very tired and I promise it isn't the gin (much....) I'm going to continue this tomorrow when I don't keep tripping over my own fingers and can actually remember what we have been doing when!

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