Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been trying for several days to actually get to writing a blog post. But life this week as been a bit more hectic than usual, at least in terms of my social life!

Viz: cinema, lunch with Friend, dinner with DB/SIL, day out and lunch with another friend, Coven, coffee with another friend, visit to mama, opera, and finally - Bear Knitters.

Pauses to draw breath....

It has been a good week. I even managed quite a bit of knitting (although much less spinning, which I must try to remedy today, before I get withdrawal symptoms.) And - reason for wanting to blog , well, at least one among some.....I finished my purple shawl.

purple shawl

purple shawl

purple shawl

It's nice. Lots of mistakes, but it looks ok, and is lovely and soft, and for all the small size will, I think, be cosy. It seems - if I stick with relatively straightforward patterns, I can just about manage something approaching lace. So, next up, and for a travel project to boot, the bottom up version of "Birch". (I was going to put a link, but they all seem to be to unknown personal blogs. If unfamiliar, it is easy to google.)

I had intended taking some nice, easy fingerless gloves, shamelessly ripped off from one of the friends I saw during the week, but they are such a fast knit that they will be sone before I go. So, I need to decide on a fresh sock to cast on, and should that be plain or fancy......dunno, guv. I have to take sock needles for my workshop, so I could even take the wherewithal for two - depends on how+999999999 - well, whatever I was going to say has vanished because of the (obvious) interruption by Neelix. Who was desperate for a cuddle, and who could refuse?

Anyway, I have carved out a little time from the necessary rounding up of equipment, clothes and so on that has to start now, really, to avoid any last minute panics on Tuesday. We need a calm, quiet, early night if I have to get up at sparrowfart on Wednesday and then be in a hot sardine can for twelve or thirteen hours. Is it worth it? You bet!

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