Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life with a ravening predator.......

....can sometimes be too exciting.

Last night, for instance. A furry rotundity would arc gracefully over our heads. Or attempt vertical take off from a bedside table straight up the wall, only to slide back down again with a screeching of claws, and a crash landing which fortunately always missed water glasses. Although the radio did get switched on couple of times. I think she (for it was indeed Ruby) must have caught the insect eventually, as things did quieten down.

Then, this morning, she constantly interrupted her breakfast to go and check in the porch as to the whereabouts of her latest vole. Which the DSM had dispatched to dustbin heaven.

She looks so small, sweet and innocent. She isn't. She is a killing machine, and furthermore, rules her poor little (ahem) brother with a paw of iron and the language of a drunken navvy.

The excitements of the summer being passed, we can look forward to other things. Masham Sheep Fair in a month's time, always an excellent day out. I may even have some entries for the spinning, dyeing &etc comps this year, if I put my mind to it.

Then I have been doing some thinking, always dangerous, and am attempting to organise my work a little better. Some stuff already spun up - like, for instance, 250 grammes of dyed Polwarth spun S and left as singles needs to be crocheted up soon; the camel and silk might just be enough for a skinny lace scarf; the utterly yummy natural beige Polwarth I am spinning on the Timbertops at the moment is destined for a relatively simple shawl - I am thinking the top-down Birch I found the pattern for the other day; and will be followed on the wheel by some more Whitefaced Woodland as I don't yet have enough for a decent sized afghan from the naturally dyed collection; the dyed Polwarth being spun upstairs can be experimentally navajo plyed on the Lendrum jumbo flyer; and some previously spun, I have finally decided can be a circular shrug.

And if that isn't enough to keep me occupied for the next few weeks, then something is seriously awry!

Oh, and I have nearly finished the first of the green/black/purple fingerless gloves; the second will go much faster, as I have written down what I have done and don't have to reinvent myself!! (Now, there's a surprise. Another result of all the thinking......)

Photos will follow.

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Freyalyn said...

Writing stuff down - whatever next? This is something I'm trying to do too.