Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You can make it if you try....

Even if it has to be one step at a time.

I have been absent from these realms for a day or three, life got a little upheavalish for a while there, but finally showing signs of calming down. The DSM tried a change of medication which decided not to love him, and this involved all sorts of unpleasant if minor carryings on. should all be sorted now, though with no lasting damage to either party.

When all else fails, spinning nourishes and supports the soul. As a consequence, the Rovings is nearly halfway spun, and it has been a pleasant antidote to the turbulence. I have also spindle spun like crazy, a lot on my new best friend (another new best friend, of which more some other time) and I have also tidied up many odds and sods on bobbins and spindles to finish off projects. It all helps.

I have also been knitting, which I tend to like better for middle-of-the-night times, accompanied by the iPod. So one of the purl lace socks is actually completed, and with some relish. Amazing. I am not sure where all this softly-softly approaching lace will lead - I do not actually think too far down the path, I do know the limitations of my own brain, but hey, you never do know anything for 100% certain sure, and I may have had a partial transplant, I suppose. Certainly it feels like it sometimes.......

socks & braids

These are the finished socks from the yarn dyed by Sara. So many thanks, again. The other pair are quite close to completion, too, and much fancier. I'll post those when.......

Then, there are a couple of braids included in the portmanteau shot. The one I like best is the pink ribbon spiral. The flat braid came out rather uneven, and the other spiral is just a quickie on which to hang a pretty dichroic pendant. I need to do more. I need more hours in the day. Sigh.

There are other consolations. the spring weather has by and large been lovely, and we have done a few stroll around the 'hood. what we have for sheep are not exactly the creme de la creme, poor dears, but the lambs are as cool as lambs tend to be, particularly when bouncing, which these are not, but you know what I mean.

sheep and lambs

And then, of course, there are the mogs. When all else fails, in blogs as in life, turn to the mogs. One of each, to be fair.

Max and stash

Which obviously has to be captioned something like "If you don't get this stash sorted out smartish, I am going to drill you with my laser beam eyes....."

And then there is this one, demonstrating what all of us need to do just a little bit more often...

neelix basking

And, no, of course I didn't make the quilt, what do you think I am, an overachiever or something?


Leigh said...

Medication changes can be scary sometimes. Looks as though all survived quite well, including cats! Good job on both socks and braids.

Charleen said...

Good to hear things are calming down.

I wonder if momma sheep knows she's sporting graffiti? I guess it's some sort of marking system.