Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Out of time

It felt very odd - one minute we were in the fairly familiar surroundings of Manchester Airport, the next - well, fifty of them, to be more exact - we were in a field in Cornwall. Just over an hour to drive to the airport, fifty minutes flight, just over half an hour to the DMIL's welcoming cup of tea. (This is not counting the two hours check in, but we had lunch and chilled, and learned that this amount of time can well be shaved.) It may not be ecologically sound, but it ain't half convenient, and a dam' sight less tiring than the drive.

It all went very well. We shall do it again. Not too much time to do other than visit, but that was after all the intention, and we did get out on Saturday afternoon....


Guess where - I am sooo predictable.

The sea was not doing anything overly spectacular, so I turned around and took some shots of rocks.




I love the different colours of the stones in this one, and the effect that the water has had creating the greenish algae and so on. I would love to think that one day I will do something of a textile nature with some of these. who knows? It might just happen.

This is not the same place.

Roche Rock

This is Roche Rock, up in mining country, that we stopped for me to photograph on the way back to the airport. More information here, or jfgi.

I have various other things I would like to get in to, like my new spindles (ha!), my completed socks, my new-sock -on-the-needles - but I can't seem to summon up the enthusiasm today. I'm still taking antibiotics for the abscess, which are making me feel weird, and the DSM, although fine in himself is feeling the strain of multiple doctors' appointments, plus facing up to the fact that at some time soon he is going to have to start the process of getting back to work (I write that in a deliberately long-winded way, as it is to be a long-winded process, I hope!)

The SOAR details are up. We still don't know.

Life is full of such uncertainties...........

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