Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have just landed in the studio for the first time in a few days, and am treating myself to a rare latte. Life is conspiring to gift me a series of late nights and early mornings, plus plenty to do. I suppose I really shouldn't grumble!

We had a lovely weekend down in Bedfordshire teaching a spindle spinning workshop. We felt this went very well, and feedback has so far confirmed that at least some of the participants felt the same. They all worked very hard, and we crammed a lot in, but there was much chat, laughter and cake (excellent lemon drizzle) as well.

We had to stay two nights because of the distance, but our lovely hosts, who we did already know, treated us royally. Good food, just the right amount of wine, and lots of extremely varied chat.

How did I get to be so lucky, eh!

Now I need to buckle down to some work in the studio. The 'Pygora Project' needs working on and documenting as I go, as I intend to get an article out of it. Any knitting with hand spun is somewhat stalled, which is frustrating, so I must address that, too.

Knitting at home has seen me finish the afterthought heel Wollmeise socks. The Wollmeise was lovely to knit and looks great. The afterthought heel? Not so much. I am reinforced in my hatred of anything other than a top down sock (which admittedly this was) with some sort of proper, turned heel executed at the proper time. Old Fogey, or what!! So that is what I am now knitting, with some gorgeous Socks That Rock, another of my favourite sock yarns. A slightly thicker one, so I am already on to the foot, the instep decreased.

I tried knitting in public with it last night, but got some really funny looks, so as I was already quite a way out of my comfort zone gave up the attempt. There is a Working Men's Club just over the river from us, been there for all over 100 years, and struggling to survive on weekend passing trade and locals. Which we are, and via the neighbourhood Readers Group are now members and bar duty volunteers. H'mm. Not really sure about this. The people involved are great, no way a problem there. The building is grim. Or even Grimm. I don't like the beers. This needs thought....especially if I am not knitting!

The DSM is playing chess all weekend, which will leave me without the car, which makes it difficult to get to the studio. No matter, there are both projects and chores to keep me busy. The weather has just about warmed up enough for me to feel that I can more or less abandon boots and thick sweaters - in late May! - and swap to lighter gear.

Watch for snow storms........

And as there hasn't been one for ages, and I have nothing else for now - a gratuitous cat photo. (Sam.)

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