Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've had a bit of a moment. I suppose, to be strictly accurate, several, that have just this evening coalesced into coherent thought.

Yes, really. I kid you not.

I have continued to be dilatory on the blog front. This is not because I don't want to blog. And it's not just because of the disaster that is the workroom, not to mention the geriatric condition of our desktop. (I am working on that one. It takes a while.)

A major factor is that, as I have said, there is not all that much fibre activity going on. All of a sudden, I can see that a large part of that is due to being stuck. The projects that I am working on are not working out.

One of them I can do nothing about. The finished object is so cute and irresistible that the great nevvie to be simply must have it. It will be great when finished, but the execution is a royal pain. Remind me never again to knit something with a bazillion teeny tiny body parts from a pattern that is not the easiest to follow, and that is going to have to be so carefully pressed and stitched after the drafted knitting is complete......I am SURE that there must be a better way to design such a thing!

All I can do about that is to keep on reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end.

The other thing is much harder to accept and to take appropriate action on. It is the latest shawl/stole.

Remember how I sampled and switched until my ears bled? Decided on a stitch pattern? It Isn't Working Out. I Don't Like it.

I love the yarn. I spun it well, it has a fabulous hand and appearance. But I still have not found the One True Way to make what I want to make. I need to frog, and rethink. And not only do I have to grasp that particular nettle, but I also need to decide whether or not to still focus on it, or if I should come up with something else to give myself breathing space.

I suppose, at least it helps having made this realisation! Watch this space. There may even be photographs.

In other news, we whisked off to see The Hobbit, in 3-D to boot, in the spiffy new cinema in Halifax. Well, not sorry I saw it. Will probably buy the DVD so as to have the entire opus. And it probably isn't true to say even that I was disappointed, as the book is not as dear to my heart as LoTR. But golly gee, way to much time devoted to hugely overblown battle scenes and far too much of a whiff of Pirates of the Caribbean about it, as in Our Heroes Various falling endlessly down chasms, etc, on or off bits of bridge or whatever and remaining entirely unscathed. H'mm.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets - will she post again before Christmas?

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Christina said...

Hobbit - yes - personally I think the "Pirates" flavour is acceptable as it was a kids adventure story - but as such should not have been a trilogy. I could understand it at one level in that 2 hours is always too short to adapt a book - always - so when you see a film of a book part of the appreciation is in how they have achieved the adaptation.
For LoTR they still left entire sections out to keep it down to 3 films, and I heard the director explaining how they simply had to alter, for example, Arwen as she seemed a key character but has little or no dialogue expressed in the books.
But it seems for the Hobbit they have had to expand everything as the book is quite a fun but light weight story.