Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't faint.........

I'm alive.

There have been concerns expressed. And nagging. Thank you for caring!

Basically, I am fine and there has been plenty of stuff going on. (Not necessarily blog-worthy.) It is true that in quite a short space of time, I had two cats, one aunt-by-marriage and one mother disappear from my life, which did leave me a tiny bit shell-shocked and lacking in concentration. It is also true that the ongoing state of horrible chaos in what is supposed to be a work room (and where the desk top is located) is not conducive to creating anything other than a nervous breakdown, and I do not find my beloved iPad a good tool for writing.

But - the biggest obstacle to blog or other writing or making of any sort - or anything very much at all - has been the endless pursuit of kitten watching.



We haven't been entirely idle or boring. We have had a couple of trips up to Gibson Mill, one for demonstrating cotton spinning, one for stewarding at the Bradford Guild exhibition.

We have had a weekend way down south, visiting family and going to a lovely birthday party.



They took ages to getting round to actually cutting that cake........

What I am working on at the moment is not particulalrly blogworthy, certainly. Nice, but slow-growing. In knitting, a commercial cotton yarn baby blanket. (What?? Yes!! I am going to be a Great Aunt! Love it!) My Wensleydale and silk stole, which took me ages and ages to decide on a stitch pattern for. Unfortunately, the one that looked by far the best is also the most boring to knit, so this is going to be a very slow labour of love. Good job I have all those blankets and teddies and Baby Surprises to conjure up.

And as for spinning, well I am still working on the lush pale grey alpaca and silk. The reason being that a certain two felines rush, positively rush to help me if I sit at my spinning wheel. (And just don't even think about spindling!) But I have managed to spin half the fibre and I have very nearly finished plying that - should be on to the second bag very soon now.

I am spindling - I decided to rerun the which sort of spindle can you get more fibre on experiment, but began with the bottom whorls as I like those less - I knew I would never finish if I did the top whorl part first, light-weight that I am.

Then yesterday, we went over to Liverpool. There is an exhibition at the Tate of later works by Turner, Monet and Twombly, and I had really wanted to see it. So glad we went - most interesting. I had never seen any work by Cy Twombly before, but I liked most of what was there. The juxtapositions worked really well, and I found the whole thing very stimulating.

No photographs, of course. But I did take this on Albert Dock.


Love it.

Then, coming home, the sunset was extraordinary, and we stopped up on the moor.



Good day, that.

Now, I will try very hard to produce another post in the next couple of weeks, but in just under, we are off to the States. Mega trip planned, and I will no doubt be inspired to blog more then. Anyway - it is nice to be back.


Barbara Blundell said...

Great to have you back, Carol

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear of your multiple recent losses, but glad to hear you're back spinning along.