Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh dear oh dear

Seems as though if you take a hiatus from blogging, it is quite hard to get back to it regularly. Hence the silence again. Nothing wrong.

If you don't count the incessant rain and nearly getting flooded out of our holiday let while in Cockermouth for Woolfest!


We were packed and ready to evacuate, but fortunately the rain eased and the water subsided, albeit rather slowly.

Woolfest was as usual lovely. We saw more friends old and new than ever, and considering the state of the economy and that the show had enlarged considerably, we didn't do too badly saleswise. So, we shall sign up for next year.

Despite the weather, which after our first couple of days turned.......miserable, we had a lovely time. We even saw the Olympic torch by accident, just happened to be in Appleby shortly before it was due, so thought we might as well wait and see it.



Damp. Squib. Sorry. Ruined by the horrible sponsors' trucks, and also the total lack of razmatazz. To be fair, the torch bearers seemed to have had a wonderful time, and kudos to them for taking part. But what came across for me was that it was all about the money. I was highly amused as we were walking away, and a woman said to me in a puzzled kind of way "Is it over?" "Yup." "Is that it, then?" "Yup". Priceless expression that I really wish I had caught on camera! So, it wasn't just me, then......

Other pretty pictures:



But I didn't take many as we didn't go all that far and when we did it was grey, raining or both. The few that I took at Woolfest I did on my iPad. although Woolfest is not easy to photograph as it gets so crowded.

At least though, with the weather as it was, I did quite a bit of knitting and spinning. finished a sock that has been on the go for literally years (the other has yet to be cast on); made good progress on the Ashton Shawlette; and spun a new merino/silk blend (jury is out as yet).

Next weekend is the AH annual Retreat, and I am leading a class on improving your spinning. I had best go and do some more prep, although it is nearly all done. Should be fun.

And I will endeavour to be a better blogger.....

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Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth said...

But it is all about the money. We have just upgraded our telly to a much bigger HD one, just in time for the Olympics I'm not really bothered about watching. Wimbledon's good on it, though. See you soon.