Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Retreat weekend and final countdown to Summer School

The weekend spinning retreat was wonderfully restful. No problems or ishoos, everyone very happy and enjoying their classes and me sitting and spinning in the sunshine. Yes! The weather was perfect, and even though I couldn't be outdoors all the time, sitting by the window in the sun was nearly as good.

I caught up with lots of old friends and enjoyed the company of new ones. I also finished spinning some merino and bamboo that had been on the Schacht for months and months. During that time, the roving had compacted somewhat, so drafting was a tad on the arduous side. Also, I spun it pretty fine - and of course, had to ply it from a centre pull ball. No, I'm not going to describe what happened. It is enough to say shamefacedly that "I did it again...."

Some of the throng enjoying looking at the work produced over the weekend, together with some of the tea cosies that were this year's challenge.

One of the batts that the DSM designed in his class, while I loafed about.

We came home and plunged straight in to the final preparations for summer school. The planning has been done for a while, all bar a few last minute fiddlings, but we had to get actual stuff. So - oh, joy! - a trip to Staples for folders, card, etc. And then today we had the best fun and went to World of Wool for the rest of the fibre supplies. I was very good - absolutely nothing for me. But a few nice bits and bobs for the class participants, which I hope they will enjoy. We will sort all the spindles out tomorrow, and then we are pretty much done, giving us time for the boring things like ironing and leaving the place at least tidy.

Of course, we are going away just as the garden is starting to produce. I made a lovely soup last night that was a fine combination of using up some elderly stuff from the fridge (carrots, leeks, celery) and fresh stuff from the garden (swiss chard, broad beans and a huge handful of herbs.) I also flung in the leftover pasta from the night before, and the whole was quite delish. Still, I am sure that everything will not bolt while we are gone and that we shall have some harvesting when we get back.

Nothing but a little quiet sock knitting until then - I cast on a new pair of Jaywalkers for variety. But once we are back, and the mayhem has died away, I have a few thoughts and plans - some of the yarn design class must have snuck in on me over the weekend! It will be nice to have time to take time over projects new.

I've been taken to task again for not blogging often enough - I will be back soon as - well, wait and see.......


yarnings1 said...

Lovely spinning bats ! I look forward to your future blog posts ( I am new to your blog ).

Freyalyn said...

You sound frighteningly organised. See you tonight!

m said...

We loved all the fibres you got for us, even the Swaledale!!!