Monday, May 02, 2011

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!

Lovely day out yesterday, to the Lancs and Lakes Guild exhibition. I've been to one or two of theirs before, and knew to expect some lovely work. We were not disappointed.

However, it is not photos from the exhibition that I am about to show you. The event was being held in a garden centre (an absolutely massive and impressive one, with a huge and splendid cafe full of gooey delights and all sorts of good stuff. But otherwise, east your eyes on these beauties........

Any guesses as to what these might be? Well, let me tell the tale. Like good boys and girls (Magrat was with us) we all duly trotted off to avail ourselves of the facilities before setting off home. When we emerged, the DSM was waiting eagerly for us (well, why not, eh?) but apparently bursting with something we did take to be excitement.

"You must" he said "look in here!!" and dragged us into the Gents (he did check it was empty first!)

Those lovelies above are.....the urinals.

Could I resist blogging them? No, demonstrably, I could not.

I will restore the tone a little bit - there have been no cat pics for ages, so here is Madam Ruby enjoying the latest and as yet undeconstructed cube. Even with all the fine weather and outdoors-going, she still loves them. Amazingly, there is No Hunting as yet - don't understand it, they were fiends last year.

We are off on our travels again tomorrow, first Cornwall and then Lyme Regis for a few days. So, the weather is about to break. I'm taking several spindles (new silk projects on two, two wool ones already on the go and more lining up.) The cormo shawlette is coming along nicely. I shall use all the wool for the shawl and some of the silk is for the picot edging. With my bag also packed wih iPod, Kindle and notebook, I am good for any eventuality!

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